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Monday, October 30, 2006

Its great to be back from my short vacation.
On my trip back some one just enquired if I was a true environmentalist.

Well..... I don't cut trees....don't burn up waste........and have started using bio-degradeable bags off late. I pondered over the question for a while and came up with a bearly audible..'yes'.

He was an average looking, strangely dressed up freaky looking indivodual you usually see on sci-fi movies.

"Do you know maam" he continued, "according to the United States Government, the largest single user of energy in America, approximately 26 power plants around the nation are needed just to power the energy vampires".

"Energy vampires?" "whats that" I enquired, visibly bored with all those fictious words.

"Vampires typically consume anywhere from four to seven watts per hour." he spoke up seeming not keen to answer my question.

"Power devices that keep electronics and appliances on "standby" for immediate use and maintain memory functions in devices like video recorders and alarm clocks. Vampires draw energy even when the device is not in use." He said.... and pulled out a cell phone from his cream colored fabric bag and also its charger. Shaking the cell phone charger in his hand" he continued

"Some vampires, such as this cell phone chargers, draw energy whenever they are plugged in, even when they are not connected to a phone.

This guy seems to have made apoint here.

Vampires typically consume anywhere from four to seven watts per hour. "Vampire Slayers" are more efficient devices that use less than one watt per hour. If more devices used vampire slayers, we could save billions of kilowatt-hours per year. If the nation as a whole moved to one-watt standby power devices, it's estimated we would need 20 fewer power plants and American households could save between $1 billion and $2 billion on energy bills.

So lets try and save energy folks.....

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